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Taking over a convention center: Part 3

lower columns artwork 2

Read part 1 or part 2. Finally we had come to the convention center for the last time to throw our event. The project manager and I came to Orlando a day before the trucks were scheduled to arrive. We wanted to make sure that we were available as soon as the riggers were to […]

Taking over a convention center: Part 2

flagpole map

Read part 1 or part 3. Now that the site visit was over, it was time to get to work. I spent the next 4.5 months working on artwork and mockups while getting approvals. Everything needed to be double and triple checked, not just for imagery, but also for sizing. Do to the size of […]

Taking over a convention center: Part 1

Alligators on pink sand

This is a study of all the work that went into branding a convention center for the unveiling of a new fashion line and the training of Stylists for the future season. I decided to break this up into 3 parts after realizing I had over 100 photos to show the whole process, and this […]