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Taking over a convention center: Part 3

lower columns artwork 2

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Finally we had come to the convention center for the last time to throw our event. The project manager and I came to Orlando a day before the trucks were scheduled to arrive. We wanted to make sure that we were available as soon as the riggers were to install any sign. We had our decks, of over 100 pages, full of signage and instructions on how and where it should all go up before any of our Stylists would show up for our event. Now we didn’t have the entire convention center until 2 days after we arrived, so we could only do signage in the areas we did have until we had the entire venue. We got up everything we could in 1 day, but then had a day where little to no rigging could be done. On the third day, which was the most difficult, all outstanding rigging had to be done before our Stylists arrived which was scheduled for the fourth day. We did get through it, but there were some last minute changes and switches made to accommodate our timeline. One of our signs arrived missing a logo and had to be reprinted. Fortunately it was a window cling so only a small portion of the sign had to be reprinted.

One problem that we didn’t anticipate was the humidity and heat. We had put up a bunch of wall clings, and many of them were over wallpaper. They were fine during the day, but at night it would get much more humid and the temperature would drop. This caused the low tac in our vinyl clings to not stick as well to the wallpaper, and the sign would start to peel away from the wall at night. We had an entire sign fall down one night, fall on itself, and be ruined. Our vendor quickly reprinted another, we got it up, and we put a tiny bit of clear tape at the top corners of every wall cling that was on wallpaper. This was enough to keep our signs up the rest of the event.

A lovely coincidence that happened: They cut the trees in the atrium. Now our sign could be seen from both the entrance and the exit. They didn’t specifically cut the trees for our venue, but we benefited from it regardless.

Never the less, here is some of that final signage and branding of the convention center:

These lobby signs almost didn’t go up. At the time of installation the riggers got worried due to electrical in the poles they were hanging from. Our vendors came up with solutions to the problem, but the hotel needed to call in all of their engineers to confirm that these solutions would be safe to all the patrons.Lobby signage 1lobby signage into atriumhotel lobby signage by registration

The flagpoles in the atrium came out wonderful. One section of the hotel was under construction when we visited, and unfortunately that areas flag pole placement changed and construction changed so our banners no longer fit there. Fortunately we were able to find alternate locations for them.flagpoles 1flagpoles 2flagpoles 3flagpoles 4flagpoles 5flagpoles 6flagpoles 7

You can tell you’ve done a good job when the people at the event go around taking photos of your work.Admirer of my work

Directional footprints:footprint directionals closeupfootprint directionals

Here is that atrium banner showing through the freshly cut trees:Atrium banner through trees

And here it is on the other side:atrium banner

The bridge windows:all bridge windowsfirst bridge windowsecond bridge windowthird bridge windowfourth bridge window

The registration area at the top of the escalators:arches artworkwindow near registration 1second window near registration artworkview of registration from sun sideview of registration from osceola side

All of the window clings at the exhibit hall level:exhibit hall level windows group 1exhibit hall windows group 2exhibit hall windows group 4exhibit hall windows group 3exhibit hall windows group 5exhibit hall windows group 6

Banners within the shopping event:shopping event banner 1shopping event banner 2shopping event pos truss

The various entrances for the fashion show and shopping event:main tent entrance 1main tent entrance 1amain tent entrance 2main tent entrance 2amain tent entrance 3main tent entrance 3ashopping event entranceshopping event entrance 1a

The columns by the base of the escalators:lower columns artwork 1lower columns artwork 2

And finally the white cut vinyl door clings:door cut vinyl clings

And with this and all the other bits of signage not shown it is now time to start planning the next event like this. We do two of these a year, and thus must start planning the visual aspects of one immediately following the end of another.

Read part 1 or part 2.



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